I Like It

Written by: Elise Davis, Jo Eldridge

I see how you always see it, when he touches my back,
Don't know why but when you're watching I don't wanna touch him back, 
We’re all here at the same party and at the same table too,
For no good reason I start feeling like I don't like the girl with you,

All the sudden my dress feels wrong and I don't know what to do with my hands
Me another drink and he kisses my cheek and you're noticing and I don't why, 
But I think I like it, 

I start moving around this room talking to everybody there but you,
Over-animated in conversation, drinking more than I usually do,

All of the sudden everybody's talking and you walk in and I can't even hear
you are coming closer we're shoulder to shoulder, the night got your bolder and I don't know why,
But I like it,

Have I let it show on my face?
I know I got to fight it but its hard to hide it when I like it, 

All of the sudden we're lost in each other, it feels like there are no others there
Just this moment we're in here alone I don't know for how long,
But I know I like
I know I like it.